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Bishop Willie J. Duncan, Sr.D.D.,RE.D.,Ph.D.,D.G.

He was born on April 28, 1940 the eleventh child of the late DeWitt and Catherine Horton Duncan.  He Graduated from George Washington Carver High School of Marked Tree. Arkansas.  He holds a Doctorate Divinity from the Northwest University of London England and a Doctorate in the History of the Christian Churches, from London Bible College of Applied Science of London, England; and a Ph.D. from Grace Apostolic Bible College of Niles, Ohio.  He featured in 2007 Whose Who’s.
In 1960
,he moved to Indianapolis, IN where he attended the Indiana Baptist Church and later joined the Puritan Baptist Church where he became the Asst. Pastor along with Rev. John Crook.  In 1962, He became a Member of the Christ Temple Apostolic Church under the leadership of Bishop Willie Lee. He married Miss. Zeola Parker, and to this union were born fifteen children and forty plus grandchildren.  Dr. Zeola is a seamstress, artist, teacher, preacher and homemaker.
In 1969, he moved his family and became the pastor of Zion Tabernacle Church of Muskegon, Michigan until 1985.

In1985he received a call from God to cometo theIndianapolis, Indiana area to start a new work.  He responded to the direct command of God.
After coming to Indianapolis, IN. he established several branches of the school:  Including cities such as Indianapolis, IN, Detroit, MI., Dayton, OH. Chicago, IL., Hammond, IN., Gary, IN., and has over 200 churches in Africa, and Russia, who study the Muskegon Bible Institute Inc.  Russian, and Europe, all have satellite schools in various regions of these countries:  And correspondence studies throughout the world.
Bishop is now pastor and founder of the Revival Temple Church of Indianapolis, IN.; He founded the Faith Temple Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Revival Miracle Temple in Muskegon, MI., He is the Founder and Chairman of the Inter-Apostolic Fellowship of Indianapolis, and Founder and President Bishop of the United Apostolic Churches.  Bishop is the author of many books, and various charts and countless volumes of tapes on his Preaching and Teaching Ministries.  The entire Bible is taught on volume of tapes on each book of the bible on most all theological topics.
In 2005
,He was inducted into the Hall of Fame as one of the Greatest Minds of the 21 Century.  By the American Biographical, Institute of Raleigh, North Carolina and IBC of Cambridge England
In addition, in 2006 was a recent speaker at the Inaugural World forum at the Oxford University at St. Catherine’s College in Oxford England in July 2006.  He spoke to about 55 nations in that conference.

His Episcopal district is with the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ, where he serves as the Diocesan Bishop of the State of Michigan. USA

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